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Client Testimonials

I can’t praise Allison Williams and her staff enough!
They are knowledgeable , helpful, courteous , empathetic and we’re always there for us . Her devotion to helping her clients is far and above what anyone can ask for . If you want the best there is no doubt that Allison Williams is your answer.

 – Bernadette


There is Allison, and there is everyone else.
We have been involved with Allison in a DCPP matter for some time now. My wife and I have found her to be an incredibly wise, detailed and compassionate attorney who will absolutely astound you. She is accessible, approachable, friendly and FIERCE when advocating for her clients. You simply cannot find better representation, and you should absolutely seek her out.

– a client


Champion for the underdog…
She took my concerns and placed them in order, presented them to the court in a manner that exceeded my expectation, I will retain her service’s whenever there is a need, professional ,courteous ,resilient and hard working are just a few of this lawyers traits, I regard her practice as one with high standards

– Mark


Highly recommended. 1000% satisfied.
Allison helped my family when we thought there was no hope. She was very supportive, professional, and did everything in her power to resolve our situation and we would highly recommend her.

– Carolyn


So satisfied
A big heartfelt thank you for Allison and Chris. They dealt with my challenging situation with strength, professionalism and compassion. Allison’s knowledge and experience saved the day. I highly recommend her services.

– Jeanette


Allison Williams did such a good job for me.
She listened to my situation explained my rights and resolved my issue, She is kind attentive and very professional. I am very pleased with her service.

– Daniel


Professional Testimonials


Allison was extremely professional and helpful
I worked with Allison on a case involving one of my financial planning clients. Allison was extremely professional and helpful in using the team approach to resolve our client’s issues. Because of Allison’s caring and educational nature, our client was able to make smart financial decisions regarding her divorce settlement. I’m happy to report that our client is moving on with her post-divorce life with peace and financial security thanks to Allison.

– Diane Taylor, President/Owner at Diane K. Taylor Financial Planning


Allison has become my go to attorney
Allison has become my go to attorney for questions concerning Child Welfare issues. I would turn to no other attorney for questions in this very specialized area. She is knowledgeable and helpful.

– Scott Adam Laterra, Partner at Laterra & Hodge, LLC


Allison is an intelligent and dedicated attorney.
She is well respected by the bar, her colleagues and her adversaries. Allison has a thorough understanding of the law and cares about her clients as people. If in need of a family law attorney, I would seek Allison to represent me.

– Rebecka Whitmarsh, Attorney at Whitmarsh-Wilson Law


She is an expert in child protection matters
I have worked as a psychologist with specialization at the interface of family and matrimonial law with mental health in psychology, and have worked in a number of cases where Allison was representing litigant-parents in high conflict cases. My sense of Allison is that she is a solid advocate, personable and straightforward, who will work collaboratively in children’s interests any time the situation will support it. She is also expert in child protection matters.

– William Frankenstein, Licensed Psychologist at Frankenstein & Steen LLC


Allison is the ultimate professional in my opinion.
My situation was a very emotional one and Allison was able to calm me down and focus…which led to my realizing just how knowledgeable and trustworthy she is. The results she obtained for me more than met my expectations and I highly recommend her.

– Joseph Byrne, Financial Executive


Allison is a hardworking, dedicated and energetic advocate for her clients.
Her expertise in the area of “Children in Court” is well respected as noted by her chairing the New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law subcommittee on DYFS matters. This is an extremely difficult area of the law that requires intelligence and tenacity. Allison personifies both of those qualities and I highly recomend her services.

– Timothy McGoughran, Esq.Attorney at Law