Allison C. Williams becomes the first African American Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

In between litigating on behalf of good people, parents wrongfully and aggressively accused by the Division of Youth and Family Services of abuse and/or neglect, I somehow found the time to become Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney.  I am now the youngest attorney in the State, as well as the first African American, to become a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney.  Of the approximate 85,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in New Jersey, I am one of the approximate 500 who are certified in any specialty.

5 thoughts on “Allison C. Williams becomes the first African American Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

  1. Allison,
    Congrats. You deserve it, no better cause to use your intelligence and compassion then to protect parents or to make the Division do it’s job.

    Can’t wait to join you in the club.

  2. Congratulations, Ms.Williams

    On your groundbreaking acheviments, its an honor to know that
    African American people especially women still excell to some of the
    most prestigious positions in todays society. you”ve made history
    and are a trailblazer for all young people to follow. As did my father
    who was the first African American Law Enforcement Officer to work
    in the Monmounth County Prosecutor”s Office in the STATE OF NEW
    JERSEY. inducted in as lueitenant and retired as Captain which is an
    acheviment that still stands alone,theirs an award that bears his name

  3. OMG i don’t know what to say to you except congratulations and where were you when i needed you most!!! although the divisions allegations were totally “unfounded” they followed me for years and prevented me from getting certain caregiver positions(one hiring person confirmed this). it was only after taking care of a workers dying mother that i was finally seen for the honest and loving person i am, and the worker without saying too much let me know that it was going to be over.i doubt if i could get one of those positions i seeked, but God does work small miracles.please keep doing what you do.

    • Dear Ms. Fostercare,

      Thank you so much for the congratulations. You coming a certified matrimonial law attorney meant a lot to me and to my practice.

      I now am a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court board on attorney certification – matrimonial committee. I also have recently been elected to serve as an officer of the certified attorneys section of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

      My objective is to use these prestigious appointments to bring further awareness to the inequities and injustices of our child welfare law and system in New Jersey. If one person, and hence, one family, is assisted by my efforts, then I have achieved a greater purpose in life.

      My heart is pleased to hear that your circumstances have improved, notwithstanding the happenstance of that occurring. Good luck to you!

      Warm regards,

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