Audrey Edmunds on the Katie Couric show

Audrey Edmund’s story is mesmerizing. Katie Couric’s journalistic style is very easy-going, precise, clear. Much like a direct examination. As Audrey tells the story, she is very composed, but clearly affected by the events that so shaped her life. Audrey is writing a book, detailing what she has survived, being accused and convicted of a heinous crime against a beautiful baby girl, Natalie.

Audrey describes a typical day in the life of Natalie Bearman. And, following the brief description of the story, Katie moves into the moment when Audrey learns that she is a “person of interest” and is ultimately charged with the crime of causing the death of the baby.

One thought on “Audrey Edmunds on the Katie Couric show

  1. I saw the story about Ms. Edmunds, and the judicial system, I feel, put the screws to her big time.
    She should be entitled to some compensation for all those years to be unjustly put away for something that wasn’t her fault. That poor lady had her life destroyed for 11 years. Such a sad story that didn’t have to be that way. Just a awful story, and my thoughts go out to her.

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