An interesting article detailing the importance of psychological experts in custody matters.

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 How to Avoid a Biased Recommendation from an Expert Witness

                In a custody and divorce situation, having an expert witness can either improve your case or work against you, depending on what side of the battle you’re on. Typically, father’s have a harder time obtaining custody of their kids. In cases like this, having an expert witness disclosing information to the judge that is against you can make things incredibly more difficult. What’s an expert witness? This is a person who has sufficient training, skills or knowledge such that the community deems them to be professional experts on a particular subject. This could be a Psychologist or a legal professional that is brought in to evaluate and assess the situation. In family law, this is usually because one part, or both parties involved, wants to have a professional determine a child’s psychological stability or assess a person’s ability to…

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