Here is a perspective on child protection outside of the United States. I am chagrin to see that the United States is not the only industrialized nation that has taken “child protection” to these extremes…

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I have a niece, living in England, who follows her vocation as a kind and caring teacher of children. She was recently here for a visit, and in conversation was asking about some aspects of our schooling system. One of her questions was to wonder if the law was the same in Ireland as in England where teachers are not allowed apply sun cream on children. It is considered to be inappropriate touching.

I was glad to be able to answer that not only is there no such law in Ireland, neither is there any such law in England. The fact that young people working with children believe that there is such a legal rule demonstrates the level to which misguided pseudo child-protection policies have become part of our accepted thinking.

Effective child protection policies are vitally important. However sometimes these policies manage to adopt the contradictory beliefs that while…

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Dealing With Professional Biased Opinions in Child Custody Battles

This problem surfaces in Child Welfare litigation, as well. Take a look at this excellent article discussing bias of professional opinions in Custody litigation.

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How to Combat Biased Third Parties

In many child custody dispute a third party can be brought in to evaluate both parents, or in some cases the children as well, to make an accurate conclusion based on the facts present such as mental and physical well being, financial stability or background assessments. This can sometimes be requested by one parent or the other, a family member involved in the child’s life or mandated by the judge before a court order can be drawn up. The person performing the evaluation will most likely be a Psychologist of a sub-field involving family dynamics or mental well being. It’s also not uncommon to have a legal professional do the evaluation. Unfortunately professional evaluators can carry a bias with them that can negatively affect mothers or fathers. It is possible to blow the whistle on a biased professional evaluator or get a different person…

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