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    • Dear Allison,
      My parents are going through completely fraudulent DYFS allegations. I don’t understand how so many of my parents rights are overlooked and how DYFS can drag my family through the mud without them doing their due diligence to see if the allegations have merit. For one example, in the report they state that my mother has two possibly three DUI’s which is completely false. Why wouldn’t they check to verify if that’s correct which would be public record. My mother and father raised myself and my two brother into respectable members of society and we are all in our mid to late twenties. I just hope the same for my sister, she shouldn’t have to worry about they state treating to place her in foster care. Any advice would help, please help against our injustices.

      With high hopes,

      • Hello Tina,

        I am so very sorry to hear of your parents’ difficulties with the division. Sometimes, what they agency does is clearly in violation of the law. Other times, they are doing what they have a right to do; however, because they establish a confrontational relationship with those they investigate, this does not become clear until there is a court proceeding. And sometimes, this does not become clear even with the court proceeding.

        The only way I can really understand whether or not your parents are being mistreated or if there is a violation of the law is for your parents to come in and have a consultation with me. If they are interested in meeting in either my North Jersey or South Jersey office, please have them contact our office at (908) 687 – 5999.

        Warm regards,
        Allison C. Williams

  1. no.the state has to work with the parent as per guideline(s)clearly enumerate marisa.good luck.glad your coming to see allison.i did give you her info
    i know she handle cases for such victims of dyfs inequities,so good luck girl.hang in there…

    from geena romano.

    legal advocate;

    Director of Women Who Love Law and FINAL Justice…
    assistant at http://www.cpsdyfslawsuitadvocates.net

  2. Wish we would have heard of you 2 to 3 years ago. We need assistance. If our case isn’t reversed in the Appellant Division, Can we have the cases reopen?
    Brandy Nixon

    • In certain limited circumstances, you can seek to re-open a judgment. The standard is very difficult to overcome, but it can be done. If you would like to consult with me regarding your matter, please contact my assistant, Elaine, at (973) 467-5100. She can schedule a consultation. I wish you well.

  3. Can you help me….I live in Cape May County and have been fighting a Substantiation, recanted. Made by my teenager so she could move out and be with her boyfriend. It is over ten years ago, but is stopping me from helping her daughter(my grandaughter, 15) who is living in a group home because her mother(my daughter) now continues to lie, to keep this poor child locked up. She(my daughter is mentally ill) has no intention of bringing her (my GD) home or letting her live a healthy, normal life with family who love and support her(my grandaughter).Please help us help this child and her sister, before it is too late. THX

  4. I need a lawyer to defend me in a dyfs case…they took my son due to their own judgements against young loving parents and my sons health is at risk..please help. Alissa Rosoff and Matt Rossi (732) 801 8306. Our rights have been violated and our son is suffering.

  5. Please call me ASAP, as I have fact finding approaching in August and my current attorney isn’t aggressively representing me at all. Two special needs children (out of 3) are involved, seperated into 2 foster homes, twins included, false positive on drug test confirmed, alcoholism ruled out, yet DYFS insists otherwise. PLEASE help…856-292-8208

  6. finally out of the system but the damage has been done. my daughter was taken @13 came back and shes a horror. fostwr care didn’t supervise her allowed boys in her rmm, you know what i am saying 13 ! I am horrified they even took her when she has been specual needs since 3yrs old and had a school history of being defiant and dextreemly difficult. things were taken out of context by the 24yr old DYFS worker, mean time my eldest is 35yrs old and i am 55, rediculous what happened, distroyed a happy family. enen the school principal told them they were wrong that we were extreemly involved parents and this was crazy. but they took her, her behavior they kept her 9 months. if i didn’t beg to return her they wanted her to stay in Carrier another yr, this was after Woodbridge and the beatings she got and learned to give back. a 87lb little girl scared so bad she turned bad to protect herself and doesn’t know how to come back to her old real self. You left me with damaged goods DYFS ! I worked for NJ court for 25yr but retired with health issues, was even hospitalized due to this stress, when my daughter wS TAKEN. CAN YOU HELP SUE THESE ANIMALS WHO DISTROY GOOD FAMILIES AND HOMES. 848 333 9181 MARIA SONA GOD BLESS YOU & I WIULL PRAY OR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS.

  7. Dear Allison, I did what DFYS wanted: My son had a physical and blood work and a psychiatrist eval. and, I had a pyschologist eval.–the doctor was given a questionaire to answer and then they telephoned him, My son and I were to be supervised by my husband or Nana until these visits were done. My son and I are fine according to the doctors. Today DFYS ended the supervision but want me to go to their pyschologist for tests saying don’t worry b/c I already have a dr. report stating I am mentally stable. I do not understand. I feel like they are fishing. There is no problem they can point to. I don’t trust them. I can’t find any info. about their pyschologist Dr. Todd Traina. when asked what if I don’t want to go, I was told (she) could contact her supervisor but my husband said that I should just go. DFYS also want to send a social worker for counseling all of us in the home for “a not too long period of time.” Today I was told they were opening a case on me. What does that mean? July 9. 2012. I would like if you could tell me what they are aiming at doing with another pysch visit to a dr, they pay. Thank you

  8. karen wilson is asking for help with my dyfs case with my 4and half year ole little girl that dtfs had from when i gave birth to and i also need help with legal assist with this matter it is in the Supreme court

  9. Hi allison i really need to speak to you.DYFUS has custody of my 4yr. old grandson since january I am his biological grandmom gave them my info since jan they lost my info.3different casewrks asked over and over like a game they play hes with 2foster family no return phone calls they dont care bout well being of this child. i need help to get this little guy back asap thank you.cindy

  10. Question.
    If DYFS removes a child from the custodial parents home (the mother) do they usually place the child with the non custodial parent (there are no abuse allegations against the non custodial parent)? DYFS has told us that there’s no guarantee that this will occur and could go to foster care or another relative. If the non custodial parent has no accusations of abuse or other allegations against him, why would the children not be given to him?

    • Dear Marie,,

      Anytime a child is removed from a parent, the other parent is the first alternative “placement” that is sought. A “placement” with the non-custodial parent is not a change of custody, but rather, is a temporary placement pending remediation of the problem that led to removal.

      However, placement with the noncustodial parent is preferred and absent any disqualifiers identified in the Child’s placement review act, the child should be placed with a parent. Those disqualifiers include but are not limited to: criminal background, child abuse history, in adequate housing conditions, etc.

      If a child is removed from a parent, the division is required to file an action in court to either seek court approval for continued removal or permission to remove, depending on the circumstances. Both parents should be listed as defendants, even though the case only is directed at the custodial parent. When in court, the noncustodial parent should ask the judge for placement of the child, if the division for any reason does not approve the placement of the child with his/her parent.

      These are general parameters and not designed to be legal advice. Should you have questions as to your personal circumstances, please contact my office to schedule a consultation regarding your matter.

      Best wishes to you and your family,
      Allison C. Williams

  11. Dear Allison: We tried to do a thing and adopt a boy out of DYFS. The caseworker doesn’t show for his appointment, at my mother’s home where we would have lived should we have gotten him. He came out 2 weeks later and lied to my disabled husband, whom has a brain injury and told him he had an apt. He did not. He took pictures of my mother’s home, which is undergoing cosmetic renovations, when my husband asked him not to. All while not having my mother’s permission. Is in the home and is continuously staring at our 15 1/2 yr old son, lickng his lips, gets some type of a twitchy eye and 2 turns around and files false allegations against us. 2 days later a different case worker comes out to investigate. We go to court, prove NO abuse or neglect, have doctors, teachers and principals telling this guy he’s barking up the wrong tree and he should really leave us alone. Prove our residency, but the caseworker tells my mother this is personal, I was not nice to him and show he is gonna show me and take my son away. He wants to get into my mother’s home to “inspect” it. He called the township building inspector on her and reported her for doing work without a permit. She is a 72 yr old woman with a stage 3 metastatic cancer currently under treatment and can not be upset. The judge is continually granting a court order for him to go into my mother’s home. We not only don’t liver there, we don’t own it. How can they do this? Now they are threatening taking away our son. This is a disgrace and absurd. He is a straight A student in all Advance Placement classes in 10th grade. Our 18 year old attends a Christian University on a academic scholarship. How can they take our son, that is not abused or neglected away from us? This is getting out of control. Can you PLEASE help??

    • Paulette,

      So sorry to hear about your difficulties with the Division. I would be happy to consult with you to address these issues. Please contact my office and schedule a consultation. I have several openings available this week. The office number is (973) 467-5100.

      I look forward to meeting with you soon.

      Warm Regards,
      Allison C. Williams

  12. Hello. I have a hugh problem with dyfs and the new jersey courts system..My son is being acused of child abuse and other things. He is now
    sitting in the county jail in nj because him and his wife had an agument over the one child taking her medication. ( the child didn’t want to take it so she was crying ).. so the wife started to hit him and when he block one of the punches she got a mark on her arm then she grabed a pot and started to hit him. So he took that away from her.. she then came at him and she hit his gut and went into the micowave and got a bruse. He didn’t hit her. Ten minutes later she said she was going to er… she left all 3 children home alone with him. When she was at the er she text him and told him the hospital called the cops. She had him removed from the home . He was released ror no bail. She had the kids 2 days and dyfs took them away from her and they said she was an unfit mother. When he went to court yesterday they charged him with abuse of a child. ( Dyfs goes to their house every day). Nothing was ever said about this. I got a copy of the arrest warrent that said this happened on dec.24.. why would dyfs wait over two weeks to charge my son. The best… he meet with dyfs on Tuesday and the cop called and asked if she need him she said no they were only talking. They were also making plan for him to get his kids back. My question is if this happen on12-24 why wasn’t he arrested then? Why was he ror the same day she had him arrested? and why was the arrest warrant issued yesterday when he went to court?. Please let me know ASAP if you can help me. He has never been in jail and I’m afraid he’s going. Something is going to happen. He is a great father and person. Thank you

    • Mary,

      I am so sorry to hear of your sons difficult involvement with the agency. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me at our office, Paragano & Williams, LLC, at (908) 687 – 5999.

      For your convenience, we offer night and weekend appointments at either office location in Union (North Jersey) or Wall Township (South Jersey).

      Allison C. Williams

  13. If you have clients who you need to refer out, for matters in Morris, Sussex, or Warren County, please keep me in mind! I have over 10 years of experience as a pool attorney with OPR.

    • Arthur, we will certainly keep you in mind for cases in those counties. There often arises the opportunity for us to refer cases to co-counsel, where we represent one parent and the other parent is in need of competent representation. In fact, that is how the firm of Paragano & Williams, LLC came to be – John and Allison met as co-counsel in the Warren County DYFS case.

  14. Please im going nuts. They took my son and said I was unstable. How stable will u be if they take ur baby. All because my sons father is jealouse. Now he has a crash class on how to care for a 2y old.please help im so lost.

    • Grace,

      We are so sorry to hear your circumstances. It is not uncommon that the division involves itself with the family, only to accuse the parents of being “unstable” when they have strong reaction to the division’s involvement and/or removal of a child.

      We would be happy to discuss this matter with you at a consultation. Please contact my office to schedule same.

      Warm regards,
      Allison C. Williams

  15. Dfys said that my child is up for adopt and i can not ever get her back. I am asking for assist with my case that is under dyfs. And if my child gets adopted there will be consequeses that They wIll not have job. I told dyfs that if kellie wilson get adpopted i will sue dyfs.

    • Ms. Wilson,

      I am sorry for your difficulties with the Division. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please contact my office at (908) 687-5999.

      Warm regards,
      Allison C. Williams

      • you have to get a letter to the court that you want custody find out the court sometimes dyfs will give this info but sometimes not get a court appointed attny.

  16. I karen Wilson is asking for assists with my case with dyfsI am responding to you email but i can not see you down in 908 area code. can you please give me another phone to call please.

  17. You really make it seem really easy along with your presentation but I find this topic to be really one thing which I believe I’d by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I’m looking forward for your next publish, I will attempt to get the hang of it!

  18. I karen wilson is asking for assists with my daughter’s kellie that is in dyfs custody that they say that they will return children to there mother after they had done everything that dyfs had ask them to do but in case they want to adopt my little girl to people that are taking care of kellie for so long they don’t want me to have my only child that is not fare for them to that with my little girl. They promised me that kellie is my daughter and they don’t want to return her to birth mother that compleyed with everything that dyfs ask me to do.I am in the process of doing a Civil case against dyfs for custody of my little girl her name is kellie wIlson if she get adopted there is going to a problem.

    • Ms. Wilson,

      I am so sorry for your difficulties with the division. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact my office or input your information onto our “schedule a consultation” page. My assistant will then contact you to set up a consultation, if your matter is one in which I can become involved.

      Good luck to you!

      Allison C. Williams

  19. I am asking for your office number so i can have you assist me with this matter.
    please answer me soon.

  20. how is a parent to get papers that her child was adopted out of the system from adyfs case that was not consent to her parent

  21. how come there are child that the parents that have there in dyfs custody and they don’t put them up for adoption but they did that with my child. And I know of a parent that she she should have her and thy live in her house.and dtfs has custody over them .

  22. my son has no epresentation now and after two years dyfs is flying him out to do a bonding session with his daughter on Saturday from California to nj .
    I see nothing good from this its a fact finding mission to discredit my son and keep him from getting his daughter afterall they told me they cannot disrupt the bonding that has taken place with the foster possible adoptive couple shoul he worry about going they are paying for this trip as he cannot afford it

  23. I have a lawyer that i am paying to help me out with my civil case and dyfs won;t speak to in reference to my case they will not speak to they tell him that the case is closed and there is nothing taht he can do about his clients case that dyfs lawyer don;twant to speak to him about this matter and they want to adopt her out with my knowledge of it.

  24. My 16 year old son has been placed in dyfs care because of him threatening his grandfather and now they have him in residential treatment home and refuse to give me unsupervised visits with him when they claim cause of his behavior. Well why is he still allowed to go out with his friends but his family that will protect him someone has to watch us. I think this is a way for them to get money. My son receives social security every month.

  25. I want to aske some thing here? How much do you charge Allison? Most parents cannot afford legal representation. And most lawyers like you charge at least 45, 000 dollars down. Some thing else most lawyers like you don’t do unless it is a high profile case is expose fraud and seek damages for these that have have been abused in the system. I met one attorney who was willing to sue and take pro bono cases on. She was the best attorney til she passed away. The problems is with the gustopo dyfs caseworkers they feel they are above the law when it comes to poor people. Rich people nothing gets done to them. Poor people cannot afford ridiculous fees to hire a private attorney. Those are the cases where there the most lies. Also Allison if you are a true advocate you and both know dyfs lies and the judges swear to it. Our first step is forcing these judges to have the caseworkers arrested for perjury. Immunity is given to dyfs but should be revoked when they lie and parents can prove they lied. This system holds people kids ransom saying if you don’t cooperate we will not give you your back we will make sure of it. This is ransom if the parents did nothing wrong. On top of it there needs to be some thing done cause every judge always says dyfs has justifiable cause. Even if they lie or talk with dead people as they did in my case. So be a true advocate help the poor people out and not pad your pockets.

    • I agree. Going through the same thing myself, and all I hear from all these compassionate lawyers is ” I need more money”. The constitution is the supreme law of the land I guess, for those with money. The rest of us are stuck with the lies and unjustice of a faulty system

      • Upset citizen, I completely understand your frustration. The legal profession is just like every other profession. Those who cannot afford health insurance often receive substandard medical care, but no one blames the doctors for not treating for free. They blame society for making health care unaffordable… and inadequate health care can often be a life-or-death factor. But, when a lawyer expects compensation for his/her services, the lawyer is blamed for greed.

      • how can dyfs lie about a case that a parent told them that she did make a plan for a daycare for her and a doctor for her child and the dr smith lied to dyfs and that parent that she was doing an individual therapy that karenwilson was not understand her daughter disabilities that she needed and I a have a disability my self that I can live a normal live and I can help my Kelly with her special needs that she has I don’t like lies that don’t have child and tell parent that have kids how to raise them to the best of there abilty because kids don’t come with a book how take care of there kids I also don’t understand how system can hire people that are not mothers .take in to consider tha they should be mothers before you hire them. I also want to where maria lugo is now        

  26. I am Karen Wilson I have a lawyer that I am paying to handle my civil case against dfys for what they did to buy putting my daughter up for adoption and did not tell me that they were going to that with my child they said that they were not going to that with my child but they did behind my back. I if you need a l can recommend him to handle for the dyfs cases if you what ,me to do for you please dyfs needs to be revamped to teach them how to do custody cases that handle little kids that are better with there parents not in the system.

  27. My family is in desperate need of help. We had our son removed from our home under false allegations of abuse and neglect. DYFCS drs told us that we were a “toxic” environment despite us doing everything in our power for our special needs son. The supervisor at dyfcs made comments in front of hospital staff such as “yes we got him” when they removed our son. We spent over 10,000 dollars to hire lawyers and fight to clear our names and eventually the charges were dropped. We were found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES. yet our son was placed in a therapists foster care. Not even a few months later the foster mother dropped him off at a hospital bc he was too much to handle. The hospital doctor said “she used this hospital as a dumping ground for this child”. Yet we were forced to pay for chd support while he was in care of this woman. While he was in her care he had reported being bruised, left alone, and not receiving adequate therapy ALL which was documented. Due to the fact he was dropped at the hospital and still was not stable enough to return home he was placed in a residential treatment facility with a one to one staff. We have been working to reunify with him yet at every turn DYFCS has hurt us. They have sued us for back child support (which the judge said if given a letter she would waive), they even went so far as to reintroduce his biological mother whom he has not seen nor heard from in 9 years without ANY intervention. (They were removed from her care due to drug usage by dyfcs) we are at a complete loss. Dyfcs has ruined our family and has no concerns for the well being of the other children in our home. We have no more money for attorneys. We are desperate. Is there anything we can do?

    • Amanda, I am so sorry to hear about your personal circumstances. There may be many options for addressing your access to your child. I need more information in order to advise you.

      Please contact my office and schedule a consultation to discuss the matter further. You can reach us at (908) 810–1083.

      Good luck to you and your family,

  28. I know what you are feeling about the dyfs system they did that with my only and I was told that I would get my little girl back before she was 6 years old and and they put her up for ADOPTION AND DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT I am doing a civil case against dyfs

  29. I understand everyone has bills to pay. That is not the point of my argument here. Money is not the point of my argument Allison by any means. I am sorry if it came across that way. My point I am trying to make is lawyer’s know what going with this system. They see the lies I am sure have overheard things parents are not privilege to hear. Actually the court system have already done this. Made it clear if you have money you walk. However if your poor and have to go to the public defenders office you lose. My point I am trying make is people like yourself I know have seen alot of things gone on. Where DCPP has lied. Why isn’t nobody taking action against them? Why are they not prosecuted for there crimes? In fact in my case I can prove DCPP has lied and yes it has effected my kids. My kids perfectly normal kids before entering the system. Now they have all kind of problems from being in a abusive foster home with a convicted murderer. My kids was also placed in a home a convicted sex offender. And were sexually abused. I have the Audrey Hepburn report which as a lawyer you should know. Allison all the reason as you have given I xan prove doesn’t apply to my case. I have transcripts where caseworker after caseworker admitted I have never abused my kids. I have drug test at least 20 of them that shows I don’t get high. I have done everything myself. Which includes researching case laws. I have had my reversed in the appallate court. In the appallate court ruling said I quote ” there was no evidence T.T abused her kids. It goes to state that the states actions in my case was suspect and counterproductive. ” The words from the appallate court. I have a court appointed doctor who says I can parent my kids. What else more do you need Allison? I can prove every step of the way they have purposely and malice in my case. There own evidence sticks it to them. How about the complaint where the caseworkers speak to my dead aunt and dead grandmother? How about DCPP taking my records and faxing it out there office. After my case went to a FG trial we find the famous contact sheet the caseworker so dearly lied about. Yes we can prove it. Cause the Hudson west office relaxed. Again we find this contact sheet in my daughter’s medical file. This is justice served Allison?

  30. Allison I do agree with you as far it almost nearly impossible to win a free case. I also must admit it is very hard to prove malice by DCPP. Allison I think it is treat for alot of cases however mine has a exception to it. There way beyond evidence that DCPP did it on pupurpose with bad faith in my case. Which lead to so many things happening in my case the is just plain ridiculous. Every other person must go into court and tell the truth. If we don’t we can be charged. But they are exempt. It not right. I think it is fair game once they lie or withhold evidence. Allison I didn’t know alot about the law til my cousin Robert S. MEYER’S who is a lawyer in bergen county nj told me alot about it. He will give me case laws that have recently come out the appallate court. My cousin if I am not mistaken has also sat on the appallate court bench.

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