6 thoughts on “DYFS Administrative Appeals

  1. I am taking on on my own a ridiculous substantiation og neglect re: me. any one has done this? does dyfs ever settle these cases? as mine goes there is precedent out there that should make it easier let me know. help

    this is confidential

  2. I am reading all these comments about the abuse of the parents, what about when the court took our son away from us, stripped us of our parental rights, by tricking us, and now he is being abused by the adopted parent, that was his foster mother that we tried to give police reports to the court to prove he was being abused while in foster care, not to let her have him. Who do we go to? Can we call DCPP on the adoptive parents to check on him, since we have no rights to do it?

    • Crystal, I am so sorry hear about your situation. Any person having reason to believe that child may be being abused or neglected has every right and responsibility to call DCPP. If you have a history with the agency, you may do better to call in a confidential referral. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. The guys who raped in on military base called up DYFS, which then removed children from my home while I was on base. I am not in military anymore and not found guilty of the accusation but DYFS still has my little girls. Can they still keep me from being with the girls just because I am the biological parent of my children? What can I do to prove malicious intention of the reporting? The discovery papers and the reporter were not able to be released to protect the reporter’s identity. I am stunned at how much assistance rapists can get from our public office.

    • Without more information regarding the circumstances of the children’s placement, I cannot comment upon why you do not have your children.

      Agency records are, by and large, confidential. Not all agency records are confidential; the statute delineates which are covered by the confidentiality statute. There are many exceptions to confidentiality, though discovery of reporters is not one of them.

      There are, however, ways to uncover the identity of a reporter and to discern if the reporting was “malicious”. For more information, please contact Paragano & Williams, LLC, to schedule a consultation to discuss the matter in further detail.

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